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. to talk about the current political alignment how it has contributed to them to elect a democratic president and a democratic house of representatives at the same time. to give a longer perspective for some idea of my interest of demography or political or and demographic members in their early fifties my parents purchased a set of the world book encyclopedia. from when i was seven years old if i was excited because men of the reference books in our house had the results of the census it is from the early fifties and there were distinct demographic changes. said to go with the encyclopedias were kept in swiss cities of the united states with a 1950 population and but for reasons that i have never been able to understand and of the other kids were interested in the senses. to study those trends to put that together with the human reality is is so i got started write-in a number of books at the beginning of the history of united states in the throes of democracy walter mcdougall says if you could go back 400 years and time to view the world you would find that very similar to today t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1